Tal Coat - La liberté farouche de peindre

Tal Coat Tal Coat Tal Coat - La liberté farouche de peindre Tal Coat - La liberté farouche de peindre


For several years the Donation Meyer has showcased the work of Tal Coat at the Musée Granet. The artist lived in Aix-en-Provence for around fifteen years (from 1941 to 1956), at the Château Noir, one of Cézanne's emblematic sites. It was here that a community of artists and intellectuals developed, whose work echoed the resonances offered up by nature. While particular attention is paid to this Aix period, which was reflected in the Grand Atelier du Midi exhibition in 2013, alongside Nicolas de Staël and Bram Van Velde, this retrospective covers the whole life of the painter Pierre Jacob, known as Tal Coat (1905-1985), representing sixty years of artistic creation (from 1925-1985) and his different periods of evolution, from his native Brittany to the Saint Prex Studio, on the shores of Lake Geneva, and to the Carthusian building in Dormont, Normandy.

Exhibition curators: Jean-Pascal Léger and Bruno Ely, head curator of the Musée Granet.

Guided tours in French (1 hour) every Saturday at 15:30 (Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November at 14:00 and 15:30).


From November 18th to March 11th from Tuesday to Sunday from noon till 6pm


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