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From Nuremburg to Aix-en-Provence: A Special Exhibition of the Early Life and Work of Leo Marchutz

An exhibition of the early life and work of the painter and lithographer Leo Marchutz (1903-1976) will be held at the Camp des Milles. Featuring work produced between 1918 and 1949, the exhibition rounds out a series of events held in Aix in 2013, which focused on Maschutz’s work from after 1949. Camp des Milles, a concentration camp during the Vichy government and Nazi occupation of France, today serves as a memorial site not only to the holocaust but to the worldwide history of genocide. Under the motto, "Create to resist" the Camp des Milles hosts a wide variety of cultural programs.

The German period of Marchutz’s artistic life lasted from 1918 to 1931. The vast majority of the works from this period have disappeared and are presumed destroyed. Of those that have survived, most were rescued by family members fleeing to the United States to escape Nazi persecution. Many of these paintings have recently been returned to France, thanks to the generosity of family members living in southern California, and are being publicly exhibited for the first time at Camp des Milles.

Marchutz developed a passionate interest in the work and thinking of Cezanne. This eventually led him to move to Aix-en-Provence in 1931, initiating a second period of his artistic life (1931-1939). Taking up residence at the Chateau-noir, he became deeply familiar with the landscape motifs of Cezanne. In time, he entered into fruitful collaborations with the art historians Lionello Venturi, Fritz Novotny, and John Rewald, producing a series of articles that revolutionized the field of Cezanne research and studies.

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Site - Mémorial du Camp des Milles