Union des Fabricants du Calisson d'Aix

Union des fabricants de calissons d'Aix
Union des Fabricants du Calisson d'Aix (UFCA)

The calissons syndicate meets several times a year to share and update knowledge about Calisson.

The union ought to verify compliance with the confectionery standards.

The true ‘Calisson d'Aix' is framed by an appellation carried by the Union of Manufacturers of Calisson d'Aix guaranteeing the respect of an ancestral recipe and a selection of quality ingredients: a mixture of almonds finely crushed, Provencal melon and candied orange peels, all set up on a host bed covered with a jewel of royal ice.

List of the Aix Calissoniers members of the UFCA:

• Pâtisserie Béchard,

• Confiserie Léonard Parli,

• Confiserie du Roy René,

• Confiserie Brémond,

• Chocolaterie Puyricard,

• Lou Calissoun,

• Confiserie Genis,

• Pâtisserie Weibel,

• Confiserie Nouvelle (Hospital)

• Confiserie Fruidoraix

• Confiserie d'Entrecasteaux


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