Eglise Saint-Michel

Eglise Saint-Michel


In the eighteenth century, Coudoux, a hamlet built two centuries earlier and dependent on Ventabren, was marked by a fierce determination by its inhabitants to create a genuine autonomous community and a full-fledged community, which it will become in 1950. Saint- Michel is the symbol and the founding act of this emancipation. Indeed, it was at the end of a legal struggle in 1707 that the inhabitants of the hamlet were able in 1746 to attend the offices without having to make the journey to Ventabren.The church is distinguished by a particularly original bell-tower and a tormented history. It was not built until 1788, with the participation of the entire population. At first it escaped from the fire of 1789 and then from lightning in 1901. It is surmounted by a wrought iron railing, a kind of light campanile and a weathercock, formed by an angel blowing in a trumpet. In front, next to a statue of Virgin and Child, the sundial bears the Latin poetic inscription Sic lucat lux vostra. Hoec ultima forsan (Let your hours shine like these: the one I mark is perhaps the last). The tradition, as was the case in many communes of Provence, is that the inhabitants are the custodians of a santon that they maintain and deposit in the nursery of the church for Christmas and then recover it on February 2.

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