Artist's studio

Gilles de Kerversau (sculptures) and Miss Back's (jewellery) art studio.

Gilles de Kerversau (Rome Prize 1973) is a contemporary sculptor. As an artist and artisan, he explores the world around him, studies behaviour and is particularly fascinated by the animal world.

Whether it's the fashionable guinea fowl, Samurai crab or police dog, Kerversau's work opens up a spellbinding world from our childhood and fables as well as certain social or political figures with diverse highly topical personalities.

Gilles de Kerversau's original anthropomorphic bronzes present a sharp yet often funny critical view of human nature. A sweet blend of poetry and naivety exudes from these creatures with human features.

Estelle Misbach brings us quirky refinement. After training at ESMOD Paris she began designing jewellery. She has a variety of collections: Caillou, available at Printemps Haussmann Paris, Poplove, Eliott and Diams. She has now decided to open her showroom in her beloved Aix-en-Provence and showcases other artists from the fashion and art worlds.

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