Villeverte Fountain

Fontaine Villeverte
Fontaine Villeverte
Fontaine Villeverte


Formerly part of the countryside outside the city walls, which the flocks passed through in transhumance, today Villeverte is the Sextius district, and the city decided to built a fountain there in order to develop and enhance the area.

In 1683 a successful merchant of Rue des Cordeliers, Jean Baptiste Silvacanne, offered to help with the project. He held the rights to a spring which the fountain could use, and offered this to the city. The only condition he laid down was that of keeping a flow of water for his domestic use, in his home. The city agreed and undertook the construction of the fountain. Armand Excursan, a master fountain-maker of Aix, was assigned the building work.

In 1845, with the increase in traffic, the fountain – like so many others in Aix – was an obstruction, and was moved to the square next to Cours Sextius.

Today it has two basins: a large one, with a low edge, was used by animals during their transhumance, and one on the other side, of human height and in the shape of a shell, allowed the population to draw water.

The basin and the shell are each fed by a bronze mascaron representing a man with a severe expression, his mouth open spewing water. A square block stands on a buttressed base. At its summit is a cast-iron urn placed there in 1848.