St John of Malta Fountain

Fontaine de Saint Jean de Malte


The fountain, which was first built in 1759 to plans by Vallon, stands in front of the entrance to the Church of St John of Malta.

It was destroyed and replaced by the present fountain in 1862. Its basin is in hardstone and the water flows into it from two small pipes.

It is built against a wall and its design is inspired by the order of the Hospitaliers of St John of Malta (which is omnipresent around it, with its church and priory).

Two Maltese crosses can be seen on the pediment. One is carved inside while the other protrudes from the first, so that eight branches are visible in all, probably symbolising the eight languages of the countries where the order is present in Europe (Provençal, Auvergnat, French, Italian, Aragon, English, etc).

This fountain does not intrude: it is a part of the square, but its modest and simple beauty do not draw attention to itself.