Hôtel de Châteaurenard

Hôtel de Châteaurenard

Private mansion

This mansion was built in 1650 by Pierre Pavillon, assisted by Jean Daret for the staircase painted in trompe-l’œil in around 1654, for the Member of Parliament Jean-François d’Aimar d’Albi, Baron of Châteaurenard.

Famous as the house where the young Louis XIV stayed during his visit to Provence in 1660, this mansion has a magnificent state staircase, on a square well, decorated with trompe-l’œil paintings by the Flemish painter Jean Daret (1614-1668) who settled in Aix in 1636.

Inspired by Italian art, the artist painted a Doric colonnade behind which splendid architecture can be seen.

Surmounting a classic frieze entablature, a skilful composition represents the allegories of the liberal arts – rhetoric, music, astronomy and painting – where the arms of the Châteaurenard family can be seen.

Two cherubs are trying a padlock bearing the names of Aimar and Daret.

Delighted with this composition, the young Louis XIV appointed Jean Daret as painter to the King, which earned him countless commissions in Aix.