Pascal Fountain

Fontaine Pascal
Fontaine Pascal
Fontaine Pascal
Fontaine Pascal


A fountain was built on this site in 1713 but the spring which fed it did not provide enough water. During times of drought the district suffered from this lack of water, and epidemics spread among the people.

In 1833, as these repeated shortages had to be stopped, the well was dug deeper and the result was successful. To celebrate this new supply of water a fountain was built, with water flowing from four pipes, after the old fountain, a reminder of hardship and disease, had been demolished.

The situation remained unchanged until 1922 when Sylvain Pascal, a rich merchant from Rue des Cordeliers, decided to honour the residents of his district with a prestigious fountain symbolising the beauty and charm of Provence.

The monument was designed by the architect Lieutaud and executed by the sculptor Baille. On an urn at the top are four young Provençal women dancing the farandole, accompanied by a tambourin drummer on the pedestal.

On each side of the block in the centre is a young Bacchus, with pipes sending the water into two huge shells.