Bellegarde fountain

Fontaine Bellegarde


As you go around the city by the outer boulevards, Cours Saint Louis takes you to Place Bellegarde.

The fountain is built on a small esplanade, and flights of steps lead from it to the Mignet district.

Like the Saint Louis fountain, its construction was decided on in 1632 it was then built, moved, altered and installed in its present location in 1849.

When he died François Marius Granet, who was born in Aix, had just bequeathed a large collection of paintings to the city. In gratitude, the city commissioned a bust of the artist from Hippolyte Ferrat, to be placed on the fountain's Roman column.

This ancient column with its historical connotations recalls one of Granet's favourite places to live and work. Although his features are not easily visible, he faces the city as if inviting you to visit the museum.

The monument is extremely elegant with its four outlets from which water flows symmetrically into the geometric split-level basin, and the column, taken from the Roman remains of the 4th and 5th centuries, seems to be trying to dominate the trees, with Granet at its top, as captain.