King René's Fountain

Fontaine du Roi René
Fontaine du Roi René
Fontaine du Roi René


The diversion, by a convent, of water from the Carmelites fountain, which was discovered by the authorities in 1683, obliged the municipality to move the fountain.

The chosen location was at the top of Cours des Carrosses (now Cours Mirabeau).

For a long time there was no statue on the stand of this fountain it was not until 1819, after many projects had been abandoned, that the decision was made to erect a statue of King René on it.

Carved in Paris, it was transported to Aix en Provence with some difficulty, and unveiled in 1823.

In his hands the king holds a cluster of Muscat grapes (which he imported into Provence) and his sceptre decorated with dolphins.

At his feet are books indicating the King's knowledge and culture.

This location at the top of Cours des Carrosses, the town's main thoroughfare, shows the gratitude of the people of Aix towards their Good King René.

Note that the statue, entitled "King of Jerusalem" and "King of Anjou", does not bear the name "Count of Provence". The statue was renovated in 2009 for the 600th anniversary of King René's birth