Hôtel de Boisgelin

Hôtel de Boisgelin

Private mansion

This mansion is on Place des Quatre-Dauphins.

It was built in 1650 by Pierre Pavillon and Jean-Claude Rambot by order of King Louis XIV who permitted the archbishop Michel Mazarin to enlarge the city southwards, on land previously owned by the Order of St John of Malta.

Noble families lived in the mansion in the past.

The courtyard and garden reflect the Parisian model (identical to the Marais district in Paris). The entire monument is built of stone from the Bibémus quarry, where Cézanne painted. This stone is an orange-yellow colour. The mansion took three years to build.

Inside, the ceilings are painted and plaster reliefs highlight the sculptures.

On the north side of the courtyard are the outhouses and orangeries with wide basket-handle arches, and on the east, the fine carved door. A staircase of polychrome marble marquetry, inspired by the Versailles models, was built in 1875.

This mansion was bought in 1937 by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. It used to be a love nest for Alain Delon and Mireille Darc.

Hôtel de Boisgelin has often been used as a film set, notably for The Horseman on the Roof (2005) by Jean-Paul Rappeneau with Olivier Martinez, and more recently, in May 2009, A View of Love by Nicole Garcia with Jean Dujardin.