Minimes Fountain

Fontaine des Minimes


This very modest-looking fountain is probably contemporary with the Ville des Tours, and hence one of the oldest in Aix. The lord of this episcopal city, which occupied the site of the present-day Seds district and stood outside the fortifications of Aix, was the archbishop whose seat was in the church of La Seds.

The prelate had acquired all the king's possessions within the area, and in particular the hot-water spring. This fountain used to be called Sainte-Croix, probably because the city was completely controlled by the church.

However, its location adjoining the Pères Minimes monastery gave it the new name of Minimes Fountain. It is a beautiful fountain, with cut-off corners and a large portal which frames soft stone panels. The water flows from two cannons protruding from two mascarons, two fine heads with curly hair.