Peynier's castle

Le château de Peynier
Le château de Peynier


The château is key to the village's architecture. It was built in the mid-16th century by a Matheron (family of Peynier lords) and is typical of Provencal Renaissance architecture. Two large round towers stand on either side of the main wall and used to have cross-shaped windows. A brick “M” for “Matheron” lies in the small courtyard in the middle of the cobbles. The château was then passed onto the Isoard de Chênerilles family then the Arbaud de Matheron family before it became the property of Thomassin de Peynier in the mid-17th century.

In the 18th century, the Marquis Louis de Thomassin de Peynier had it fully renovated. He had the gypsum redone in the reception rooms and redesigned the grounds with a beautiful feature gate in 1769 (date engraved on the pillar). The inside still has part of its feature staircase (similar to the ones you can see in Aix's mansions), a French-style ceiling in the main reception room and marble fireplaces.

The château remained the property of the Thomassin de Peynier family and their heirs until 1933 when it was sold to Aix's archbishop's palace. It is now home to a private school and was taken over by the town.