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For a number of years now, the Pavillon de Vendôme Museum has been inviting artists to make this jewel of 17th century Aix architecture their own. The artists bring the history, architecture and collections of the museum into play, causing them to interact with their work and providing a new approach and a fresh look at the site that is each time different, while combining the past and present. Carte blanche was given to Isa Barbier in 2011, Aïcha Hamu in

2013, Sophie Menuet in 2014, Alfons Alt in 2015, Dominique Castell in 2016, Clémentine Carsberg in 2017, Nadine Lahoz Quilez in 2018 and Marie Ducaté in 2019. For the museum's first participation in the drawing season, some of the artists have been invited back again:

# Clémentine Carsberg,

# Dominique Castell,

# Karine Debouzie,

# Marie Ducaté,

# Nadine Lahoz-Quilez,

# Sophie Menuet

They will fill the Pavillon de Vendôme Museum rooms with their work, with outlines, pencil strokes, lines and dots. They will be creating specific works for the venue or reactivating works for a site they all know well, except for Karine Debouzie, who will be the featured artist in 2021. All these drawings will interact with the museum's graphic art collections. A wide range of techniques will resonate together... Graphite, pencil, pastel, ink, match sulphur, cut-outs and volumes, showing off the diversity of drawing on surfaces and in space.

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October 26th to March 1st / Everyday except on Tuesday - 10am till 12.30pm and 1.30pm till 5pm


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temporary exhibition