Chapel of Saint Privat

Chapelle Saint Privat


The façade is Romanesque with an archway gate surmounted by an oculus above which is a bell-cote. The bell has been removed and is inside the chapel. A semi-circular barrel vault runs as far as the apse, while two ex-votos, one dating from 1866, flank the altar.

The legend of its foundation is that in 260, on the ancient Aurelian Way, a man stopped, overcome with fatigue. A young girl came past, who took him to the hovel of her father Jolius. The man was welcomed with open arms and looked after for several days. He then planned to leave, but the residents begged him to stay because his words spoke to their hearts and souls.

One evening he told them the story of Christ's birth, powerfully describing a cave in Bethlehem and all the events which followed. He had just told, for the first time, the story that was to become one of our region's most important traditions: the Provençal nativity scene.

The next day the man resumed his journey his name was Privat and he was going to his diocese in Gévaudan where he had been appointed Bishop. In gratitude for his healing he had vowed to build a chapel on the site where it had taken place. The existence of this chapel is attested as early as 1079.