St Ser Hermitage Chapel

Servus, a hermit from Lyon, lived here in the 5th century.
The reputation for holiness which he gained in the region offended the Visigoth king Euric who was reigning over Provence at the time.

One day, in the year 484, Euric had the hermit executed after having his ears cut off.

The martyr's body was buried by shepherds at the back of the cave where he had lived, and a small chapel was later built in front of the cave, in praise of Servus, who was canonised under the name of Saint-Ser.

The sanctuary was dedicated on 5 January 1001 by Amalric, the bishop of Aix en Provence.
The chapel itself has had a chequered history, having been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

In 1998 the building was crushed by a landslide, caused by erosion following the terrible fire of the Sainte Victoire mountain in 1989. It was rebuilt identically in 2000 by the Municipality under the presidency of the Mayor, Frédéric Guinieri.

The reconstructed chapel was solemnly inaugurated on Sunday 27 May 2001, a thousand years after its dedication.

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St Ser Hermitage Chapel

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