Harvest beekeepers practicing pastoral beekeeping since Provence, conducted in a responsible and reasoned manner. All products from their hives (honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis) are certified organic.
Butinarello means "forager" in Provençal. In addition to its pretty sound, this name, which was chosen to sell their products, emphasizes their local roots and honors their bees.
The aim is to offer a raw, simple, quality product, as close as possible to what is in the hive.

Caroline and Quentin, a young couple freshly reconverted at the dawn of their thirties to launch this beekeeping farm project. After a few wanderings and a solid training in beekeeping - which took them from the North to the South of France, as far as Reunion Island - they decided to settle in Puyricard, in the Aix countryside, between Sainte Victoire and the Luberon.

During the production period (from March to August), the bees are very busy, making it difficult to welcome the public.
To meet Caroline and Quentin and taste their honeys, please make an appointment, preferably during the winter season.

Opening times and Prices

From 01/03 to 31/10/2024, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 am and 7 pm.


Miel Bio Monofloraux (Lavande/Acacia/Trèfles Blancs et Notes de Châtaigniers/Miellat de Garrigue) :
- 250g = 7,5euros. - 400g = 10euros - 1kg = 20 euros

Miel Bio de Polyfloraux (Garrigue, Fleurs Sauvages de Printemps, Fleurs Sauvages d'Été) :
- 250g = 7euros. - 400g = 9,50euros - 1kg = 18euros

Miel Noisette :
250g = 9euros. 400g = 12 euros

Gelée Royale Bio et Française :
- Pilulier 10g = 25euros.

Pollen Frais de Cistes et fleurs de Garrigue :
- Sachet 250g = 20euros.

Extrait Hydroalcoolique de Propolis :
- Compte Goutte 30ml = 12euros
- Spray 30ml = 12euros

Coffret Découverte (Acacia/Fleurs Sauvages de Printemps/Trèfles Blancs/Garrigue/Lavande)
- 5 Miels bio 125g = 30euros.

Coffret 3 Miels Bio (Acacia/Garrigue/Lavande)
- 3 Miels bio 250g = 22,5euros.

Sustainable tourism

Lancement en BIO, dès leur première année, par conviction. Ils respectent donc scrupuleusement, à ce titre, le cahier des charges de l'agriculture biologique.

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13540  Aix-en-Provence

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