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Luggage lockers

A luggage locker system in the center of Aix-en-Provence.

KeepCase – 29, rue Boulegon

  • Lockersystem is under 24 hour video surveillance and locker area is fitted with an alarm system
  • Multi-languages system
  • Paypoint is by Card, or Coins
  • Open 7 days per week , From 8am to 10pm

> www.keepcase.net

Currency exchange office

You have 4 exchange offices in the Aix-en-Provence city centre:

Banking services

Most banks have cash points which operate 24 hours a day. You will be able to use your bank card or credit card in France.

Credit cards

Most credit cards are accepted, but visitors are always advised to check with the store owner before making a purchase.

American Express is not accepted everywhere, especially in our Tourist Office.


Please see “Aix in a few words” page


220 Volts. 2-pin power socket.

Food and drink

Aix-en-Provence is an international city and has a wide choice of restaurants.

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In case of theft or fraud

An online service (in French) allows you to file a pre-declaration and make an appointment with the police department of your choice to sign your complaint; it is officially recorded. Be sure to keep any trace and clue useful for the police investigation.
For any emergency, call # 17 or 112 at once.



There are 11 public holidays in France. Public services and a large number of shops are shut on these dates. Remember to find out before you travel!

Public holidays 2024 2025 2026
New Year’s Day 1 Jan. 1 Jan. 1 Jan.
Easter Monday 1 April 21 April  6 April
Labour Day 1 May 1 May 1 May
8 May 1945 8 May  8 May  8 May
Ascension Day 9 May  29 May 14 May
Whit Monday 20 May.  9 Jun. 25 May
National Day 14 Jul. 14 Jul. 14 Jul.
Assumption Day 15 Aug.  15 Aug. 15 Aug.
All Saints’ Day 1 Nov.  1 Nov. 1 Nov.
Armistice Day 11 Nov.  11 Nov. 11 Nov.
Christmas Day 25 Dec.  25 Dec. 25 Dec.

Law on cigarettes

In France, smoking is not permitted in any enclosed or covered public venues or workplaces, health establishments, the entire public transport system, bars, hotels, restaurants, tobacconists, casinos, gaming circles and discotheques, and inside (including open places such as school playgrounds) schools, secondary and high schools both public and private, as well as establishments for hosting, training and accommodating minors. 
Areas for smokers may be set up, except in venues hosting minors and health establishments.


Law on alcohol

In France, alcohol consumption is regulated. Anyone who gives a minor enough drink for him/her to become drunk is committing an offence. Selling or offering alcoholic drinks to minors under the age of 16 is forbidden (in bars, shops and public places).

In Aix-en-Provence, bars in the historic town centre cannot sell alcoholic drinks from 9 pm until the morning.

Time zone

France is in the normal Central European time zone. Summer time begins at 2 am on the last Sunday in March and continues until 2 am on the last Sunday in October.


In France, service (staff and cover charges) is included in the bill. It is customary to tip. In restaurants, it is common to round up the price if the service is satisfactory, for example by leaving the change on the table. In hotels, it is customary to give a tip (usually one or more notes) for a special request, or room service, or to the porter or doorman to show appreciation for the quality of the service.