Tourism for the Disabled

Tourism for the Disabled

The Tourist Office first earned the national ‘Tourism and Handicap’ brand for the 4 major types of disabilities for the first time in 2012, renewed every 5 years (2017 and 2022). It is equipped to offer a quality welcome for disabled visitors. 

Winner of the Trophées du Tourisme accessible in 2018 and 1st nominated in 2022, the Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office also received a national honour for its ‘The Essentials’ guided walking tour of the historic town centre for the 4 major types of disabilities in December 2019.

With this in mind, to serve visitors suffering from a temporary or permanent disability in the best possible conditions, the entire team of Tourist Office holiday advisors is committed to offering an adapted and personalised welcome and regularly attends Tourism and Handicap training courses to ensure the best possible welcome for people with disabilities.

A number of publications adapted to each type of disability are also available.


Hearing handicap

  • Front desk with amplifier and magnetic loop system.
  • Staff’s expertise regarding icons.
  • Video visit of the historic centre of Aix in French Sign Language and subtitles.


Mental handicap

  • Signs with specific images to help people with a mental disability to get around the Tourist Office.
  • Personalised welcome.
  • Simplified maps of the city centre and the Aix Region with pictograms.
  • Visitors’ aid with easy to understand text.


Physical handicap

  • Sliding doors at the Tourist Office entrance.
  • Counter height adapted to wheelchairs.
  • Digital information terminal can be adjusted for height.
  • Public car park, disabled spaces.
  • Guide to suitable tourist facilities and public services.
  • Guided visit in wheelchair of the Aix historic centre is available.


Visual handicap

  • Audio beacon at the Tourist Office entrance.
  • Documents of tourist facilities written in large, contrasting print.
  • Relief map with a braille caption.
  • Dictaphone for recording voices.
  • Guide dogs accepted.
  • Visit with audiodescription.

As part of the Decree n°201-431 from March 28th, 2017, the accessibility register of the Tourist Office is available upon request from the advisers of the tourist office.

Handicap Tourist Guide

This guide aims to meet the needs of people with physical, sight, hearing or mental disabilities.

Its purpose is to provide information about various tourist attractions to help you prepare your visit.

It mentions the sites which are accessible or have the Tourism & Handicap label, as well as their facilities.

Guided tour for groups

Proposed by Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office

Aix-en-Provence, the essentials

for persons with reduced mobility groups (on reservation)

Group of
10 wheelchairs + required companions / or 20 persons.
Duration: about 1 hr, at the participants’ pace
Departure point: Tourist Office / Arrival point: Cathedral

Parking available at the Parking Rotonde: 29 blue badge spaces, can accommodate vehicles over 2 m in height

Reservations can be made with our guide service:

T +33 (0)4 42 16 11 65
send an email

For individuals, the guided tour is possible but exclusively in french, Wednesdays, from 1 May to 30 September and during school holidays.


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