Information - COVID-19

In the current context and following the announcements by the French government, we regret to inform you of the closure to the public of the Tourist Office, the Cezanne workshop and the Congress Center as of this Sunday, March 15 and until further notice. Guided tours and excursions are also canceled.

You can contact our reception
by e-mail and on Facebook messenger
from Monday to Friday
from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you again once the situation returns to normal.

As of March 15, all "non-essential" businesses are closed in France at the request of the government until April 15, 2020:

  • Rooms for hearings, conferences, meetings, shows or multiple use (e.g. cinemas);
  • Shopping malls;
  • Restaurants and pubs;
  • Dance halls and gaming halls;
  • Libraries, documentation centres;
  • Exhibition halls;
  • Covered sports facilities;
  • Museums.

To keep abreast of the evolution of the epidemic, protection and restriction measures, visit the website gouvernement.fr

On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to reduce contact and travel to the strict minimum throughout the territory from Tuesday March 17 at 12:00 noon, for a minimum of fifteen days.

Exceptions to the certificate will be possible in the context of:

  • travel between the home and the place of exercise of the professional activity, when they are essential for the exercise of activities which cannot be in the form of telework (on permanent proof) or professional travels who cannot be deferred;
  • trips to make essential purchases in authorized establishments (list on government.fr);
  • travel for health reasons;
  • trips for imperative family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable persons or child care;
  • brief trips, close to home, related to individual physical activity, to the exclusion of any collective sporting practice
  • Pet needs

You can download the certificate here: www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus

If you can't print this, you can handwrite a copy of this form.


Confienment and barrier gestures

How long will we be confined?

Difficult to answer you, the situation evolves from hour to hour…

Do you have an end date for the lockdown?

15 days minimum

Is there a curfew after 6 pm?


Can I go to my neighbor’s house?

No, because it’s not a necessary trip…

Do people from the same household have to respect each other’s barrier gestures in the street?

The government authorises “outings that are essential for the children’s balance” near the home, provided that the barrier gestures are respected and that no gatherings are allowed, particularly with other families or other children. In general, outings are not recommended except for individual exercise and require a certificate of exceptional travel. My spouse and children cannot go out if I am ill.

Medical Emergency

We’re having trouble breathing, EMS isn’t responding, can we go to the hospital?

No. The priority is to call a doctor. If the discomfort is too severe, don’t hesitate to call the fire department.

Can I go to the doctor, dentist, pharmacy?

Yes, travel for health reasons is allowed.


Public Services

Can we go to the Post Office?

Yes, but only for certain operations. Be careful, some post offices are closed. Find out about the list of open offices and the type of operations from the post office.

Do postmen drop off the mail?


Do you disinfect streets too, not just avenues?

The cleaning of the whole city is done in light mode since some agents are absent (illness, vulnerable people, childcare).

For the garbage collectors, how does it work, no confinement?

The garbage collection service is maintained during the period of confinement.

Can we take our garbage out without a certificate?

Taking out one’s garbage is not considered a displacement, since it is on foot from the door.

Do garbage trucks always pass in the evening in the streets?

Yes, waste collection is maintained. Be civic-minded. Go to your trash cans from 6 pm and don’t put bulky items in the street because the Collection of bulky items is momentarily suspended by the metropolis.

Is garbage collection normally carried out?

Yes, in “light” mode, because there are personnel said to be at risk (cardiac, diabetic, fragile…). However, the collection continues. Let’s be civic-minded and take our bins down at 6 pm.

Transportation and parking

What about parking facilities?

The 9 underground car parks are closed to the public: only resident subscribers and professionals working in the city centre can use them.

Surface parking is free.

The park and ride around Aix-en-Provence are open. There is no free parking.

Can we leave our car in the same parking space for the duration of the confinement?

Yes. Be careful that it is not an inconvenient parking space, however.

Will the buses remain active even during confinement?

Since the beginning of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Aix en Bus has put in place several preventive measures:

  • The Aix en Bus network has been operating during school holidays since March 16th.
  • Diablines no longer run
  • Line A continues to operate in its normal timetable.

The evolution of traffic will be regularly updated on the aixenbus.fr website (FR).


Get out

Is the containment in Aix total? Are there people in the street?

We are in confinement but some movements are still authorized on presentation of a dispensation.

What if I don’t have a printer for the travel waiver certificate?

The digital version on a smartphone is not available.

If you don’t have a printer you should write it down by hand.

Are there certification checks?

Yes, there are controls and it is when you do not have an attestation (in particular) that you can be fined. (135 euros)

Do I have to fill out a certificate at each exit?

As the certificate is dated, you normally need one per day and per type of trip.

Can we take the children out for a few moments for people living in the city centre and without outside?

Of course we can. With one certificate per person.

What do I risk if I violate the containment guidelines?

A fine of 135€.

Who is responsible for enforcing containment?

Law enforcement agencies

Can I go out several times a day?

Yes, even if it is best to reduce your travels as much as possible.

We live in Aix but we shop in a shop in Gardanne. Is this still possible or is it too far away?

Travelling for basic necessities is allowed close to home. Aix -Gardanne can be considered too far away.

Is cycling considered a sporting outing, as authorized on the certificate?

Yes, it is a sports trip. Be careful : alone and not in a group of cyclists.


Open Stores

Which stores stay open?

Food shops, IT and telecommunications, garages, health. Since March 28, a municipal by-law has been in place that sets the closing time for grocery stores, snack bars and supermarkets at 7:30 pm. Meals on wheels deliveries will be able to continue until 9:30 pm.

Are the markets closed?

Food markets are closed during the period of containment with the exception of the Puyricard market. Some local producers offer direct sales.

Can I order some food?

Yes. As of March 28th, a municipal by-law specifies that meals-on-wheels deliveries can continue until 9:30 pm.

Is the farmers’ market, Preachers’ Square, suspended?

Yes, the Richelme food market is suspended until further notice. Some local producers are offering direct sales.

Can supermarket products carry the virus?

According to preliminary studies reported by the World Health Organization, the virus could survive on certain surfaces for several hours to several days. So you can disinfect the surfaces if you think they have been infected. A simple disinfection is sufficient, for example with bleach. However, the risk of a person infecting goods is low, as is the risk of catching it from a package that has travelled and been exposed to changes in temperature and weather conditions.



Can I go out and work out?

Yes, but individually and close to home.

Is it possible to go running along the Arc if you live less than 500m away?

No specific distance instructions from the government except near your home.

Is La Torse Park prohibited?

The city parks are closed to avoid groupings.

Why are the parks crowded with families? Parc de la Torse? Is this normal?

No. Groupings are forbidden and especially unconscious. City parks have been closed and offenders are subject to fines.

My place of exercise is 5 minutes away from my house. Can I go there in the rules?

There are no specific government regulations except near his home.

Is it possible to bike alone for several km?

No, the government just banned cycling.

Is it possible to cycle in our neighbourhood?

Outings related to physical activity are allowed while staying close to home. So yes, but by staying close to home.

Can two of us go out (from the same house) to run ? 

Yes, if both have a certificate each and comply with the barrier measures.

Can I go out to do sports next door to my home with my children (5 and 7 years old)?

Yes, while keeping the barrier measures and having each one certified.

Can we go running to the Sainte Victoire?

Sports near your home– prohibition is in the answer, unfortunately. The answer is no.

Can I throw a party at my house?


Can you take your car to go and get some fresh air, like in Bimont?

No, because car journeys must be limited. The idea is to reduce the risk of accidents so as not to saturate the emergency rooms.

What about the Carnival for the moment? Postponed?

Workshop visits are suspended. The decision to cancel or postpone the carnival is suspended.