Between vines and olive trees


From the Provençal village to the scrubland, here is a beautiful jaunt in Saint-Cannat countryside, center of good life and enchanting landscapes. Coming from the former N7 road, it’s hard to see Saint-Cannat as an abundant farmland responding to all the Provençal rural clichés. Go through the paths between vineyards and olive groves, Bories, water tanks, pine and oak trees, beehives, rosemary elds, old country houses and isolated farms, beautiful fountains, cypress hedges... and you realize! 5hrs of pilgrimage (less with the shortcut) to make up with the idea of the original Provence, everything is never more than 2 to 3 km away from the village.

Level: easy
Distance: 13 km
Gradient: 230 m
Duration: 3 hrs
Marking: Yellow 
Signposting by the International Federation of Popular Sports.

Starting from the Saint-Cannat Tourist Bureau, this tour is for walking.

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